Melissa Shoes Singapore

Melissa shoes represents a whole new era of shoemaking alongside not doing harm with the nature while doing it, the great brand has introduced the world to a whole new aspect of shoemaking and has become world famous in the meantime. Opening its very fist stores in Singapore in 2012, the great shoe brand has really conquered Singapore. Let us see what is worth knowing about Melissa shoes and what makes them so genuine.

Founded about 30 years ago in Brazil1s Rio Grande do Sul, the main idea behind the creating of Melissa shoes was to represent the alternative use of plastic, while in the meantime not causing harm in the nature either. The shoes of Melissa are inspired by the French fishermen’s footwear. Melissa Shoes works with their own-patented plastic called Melflex, which is flexible, comfortable, hypoallergenic and it is 100% recyclable. As an extra, every single pair of Melissa shoes come scented, with a sorts of fruity bubble gum smell. The shoes of Melissa mean a great innovation, therefore the plastic shoes of Melissa, which are also called “jelly-shoes” are highly popular all over the world.

Over the decades, lots of world famous designers and shoe designers have worked with Melissa Shoes. The brand today is popular for its extremely big variety of shoes it offers for women and for girls. The brand is very popular for its high usage of rainbow colours and has been chosen to become one of the top three most comfortable shoes in the world. As an extra, all Melissa shoes are of course water resistant, being made of plastic and can also be cleaned really easily. This serves well while Melissa shoes are worn during the day or during the rainy season in South East Asia. Melissa shoes have very quickly become trendy in Singapore, where women love everything new and colourful. The outstanding designs of Melissa Shoes can be seen everywhere on women’s feet today. The brand has stores in 40 countries in the world, being sold at around 1000 locations.

Melissa Shoes also represent great example for sustainable living and as an artwork, it represents the beauty of structural design in the most innovative way. Today Melissa has also added plastic handbags to its collection.

Melissa shoes factory recycles 99.9% of water and waste and any overstocked styles are recycled and recreated into new collections this way, no Melissa shoes go wasted.

The first Melissa Boutique in Singapore opened in an area of 7500 square feet on basement 2 floor of Wheelock place. The boutique is called MDREAMS and its interiors are super white and spaceship like, as a representation of future’s technology in shoemaking. Some of the most popular designers that have designed shoes for Melissa include Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier and the new collection will be soon uncovered, which was designed with the collaboration of Karl Lagerfeld.

Today, you can also buy Melissa shoes in Singapore at the two department stores of Tang’s (one being on Orchard Road and the other located in Vivo City) and if you want to shop online, the best site to do so is the new, which offers free shipping within Singapore. Check out the great shiny collections of Melissa Shoes, where everyone can find their next best pair of shoes.
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