Payless Shoes Singapore

Singapore is world famous for its great shopping possibilities and you can indeed buy such brands, which you would not even expect to find here. This is the case with popular US shoe brand Payless Shoes that has become one of the most liked discount shoe sellers in America. Let us see the story of Payless and its shoes, together with their availability in Singapore.

Payless Shoes were founded in Topeka, Kansas in 1956 and since then, the brand was run under different names such as Volume Shoe Corporation or Collective Brands. One of the most popular Payless shoes are the Pro Wings like of the brand which was released as a discount sneaker line which contained Velcro straps instead of the classic lace models. The brand had started to develop a more fashionable collection from 2006 and reinvented itself to become a trendy shoe brand under the name of Payless ShoeSourse. Payless shoes have started to expand to the Caribbean and Asian markets by opening the first store in Jamaican and in Barbados between 2008 and 2009 and opening its stores in the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia between 2010 and 2012. Today, Payless Shoes operates three stores in Singapore with sound success.

The easy, contemporary style of Payless Shoes, together with its great prices, has really had an effect in the Asian market, where Payless Shoes have become a huge success. Today, Payless Shoes produces shoes for men, women, girls and boys. It is famous for its special releases through cooperation with various huge companies, such as Walt Disney. The teenage series “Shake it Up” has just released shoes dedicated to its two young stars through Payless Shoes. The colourful trainers and the more elegant stilettos can all be found at the stores of Payless.

Payless Shoes has the following collections for women: Special occasions, Designer, Comfort, Sneakers, Mules and Clogs, Oxfords, Sandals, Wedges, Dance, Boots, and Bridal.

For men, Payless has the following collections: Sandals, Boat Shoes, Athletic and Outdoors, Air Walk, Casuals, Work and Safety, Slip-ons and Loafers, Oxford and Lace-ups, Skate and Boots.

For girls and boys, Payless offers shoes three main collection, including Infant, Toddler and Youth coming in every size and colourful style. Apart from shoes, Payless Shoes also offers a wide range of accessories, which include handbags, hair-wear, scarves and jewellery. You can also shop straight from the website of Payless Shoes. At special stores of Payless Shoes, you can find expanded men’s and women’s shoes. The brand also offers school uniforms for kids and has separate stores for dance shoes too.

In Singapore, Payless Shoes have label stores in Tampines Mall, Suntec City Mall and in City Hall. This great shoe brand produces quality shoes for great affordable prices. We suggest you not to miss visiting a store of Payless Shoes while being in Singapore to find the best, cosiest and most affordable shoes for you for all occasions.
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