Vans Shoes Singapore

In Singapore, you can find thousands of great chances for shopping and the city is called the shopping paradise of Southeast Asia. This time, we will look at a very special brand of trainers, which does not only promote the trainers themselves but also promotes a whole lifestyle. This is what made VANS so popular in the United States. The sneaker brand specialises in producing skateboarding, BMX, snowboarding shoes and it is also a lifestyle brand as such. Let us look at this special brand, its roots and its availability in Singapore.

VANS shoes was born of the idea of a smaller rubber manufacturer in 1966. Brothers Paul and James Van Doren based in Anaheim California dealt with the direct selling of their own manufactured shoes. During that time, skateboarding, rollerblading and BMX started to get quite popular as street-sports and today as extreme sports. VANS decided to dedicate its shoes to these interesting sports and with that, it became a real lifestyle brand. The first popular pairs of VANS shoes were called deck shoes and today, these belong to the “Authentic” collection. Another well-known type of VANS shoes is called “slip-on” and this is still one of the best-bought styles of shoes of VANS. The brand, although has always been famous in the United States, has experienced difficulties by the Nineties. Today its owner is Greensboro Company and VANS is flourishing since it has moved its factories to Asia where it can produce shoes for a considerably lower price. These years, VANS has been chosen as the best small business in the United States. The brand has the target to widely promote skateboarding and BMX riding and it is just opening its very first free skateboarding park in Huntington Beach California.

VANS was famous for making its shoes directly after ordering. A pair of shoes ordered from them was ready within 5-6 hour. VANS shoes are largely made of canvas and special canvas, such as rubber mukluks. The sole of VANS shoes is specifically made to be stickier than usual street-wear, which help sportsmen to stay on and navigate skateboard considerably better. The brand is still among the most historical and popular brands for those who do extreme sports and has outlets all around the world.

VANS shoes are also popular for their special releases and decorated shoes, really beloved by the younger generation. In Singapore, you can find several points of sale where you can get to find VANS shoes. The brand is also famous for being among the first brands offering customers the chance to design their own customised pair of VANS Shoes. VANS sells shoes for women, men and for kids too.

Today, you can find VANS stores in Singapore at Marina Square where the brand’s first store opened. Thanks to the great success among both locals and tourists, VANS has recently opened its second store in Vivo City too. If you are fan of extreme street sports such as skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding or BMX riding, you should definitely buy a pair of VANS shoes. In case you are fond of the lifestyle, you should visit the website of VANS where you can get to see great skateboarding videos, promotions and catch up on the local skateboarding events as well.
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